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A Tiny Single Page PHP Framework with Template Support.

In many cases, we need develope small web applications, for which a single page php file is enough.

Although it’s lite, we still want some features from other best pratices:

“AppSolo-php” is wrote for this purpose. It include features like:

Quick Demo


$schema = array(
    array('GET', '^/view/(\d+)', 'view_article'),
    array('GET', '^/list',       'view_list'),
    array('GET', '^/',           'view_default')


$app = AppSolo::make(array(
  'view.dir' => 'view'



// User Defined Actions Below                                         //

function view_article($id){

  AppView::assign('id',     $id);
  AppView::assign('title',  'AppSolo is Tiny');
  AppView::assign('author', 'noyesno.net');
  AppView::assign('body',   '<strong>Tidy is Good!</strong>');


function view_list(){
  echo "This is Article List";

function view_default(){
  echo "This is Default Page";

Tempalte Usage

A page template which extend a parent template:

<? AppView::extend('parent.tpl.php'); ?>

This Content Will NOT be Output.

<? AppView::block('main') ?>
<h1><?= $title?></h1>
<p><?= $author?></p>
  <?= $body?>
<? AppView::block('/main') ?>

Parent template file:

<!DOCTYPE html>
<meta content='IE=edge,chrome=1' http-equiv='X-UA-Compatible'>
<base href="http://pv/css/ui/"/>
<title><?= $title?></title>
<? AppView::block('head') ?>
#footer {
  margin:1.5em 0;
<? AppView::block('/head') ?>

<div id="main">
<? AppView::block('main') ?>
Put Main Content Here...
<? AppView::block('/main') ?>

<div id="footer">
AppSolo-php is Tiny.
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