A Tcl implementation of Gearman Client/Work/Admin interface

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A Tcl implementation of Gearman Client/Worker/Admin interface

This project start with a Tcl binding of libgearman, and later moved the focus to a pure Tcl implementaion.

Load the package:

package require gearman

A basic Gearman Client:

set host [lindex $argv 0]
set client [gearman::client create $host]

$client config -client_id "client_tclgearman"

set result [$client submit "reverse" "Hello Tcl Gearman"]

puts $result

A basic Gearman Worker:

set server [lindex $argv 0]
set worker [gearman::worker create $server]

$worker register "reverse" "task_reverse"

proc task_reverse {worker data} {
  puts "request data = $data"
  set response_data [string reverse $data]
  return $response_data

$worker work